SafePASS Final Event
Individual Validation Campaigns for Smart Technologies
SafePASS Passenger Mobile Application for Safe Ship Evacuation
SafePASS Pilot Demonstration
WP8 Pilot demonstration of the SafePASS solutions
WP6 Risk Modelling Tool - an Overview of the Numerical Simulation Database
WP7 Communities of Practice
WP3 Novel LSA - April 22
WP4 SafePASS Passenger Chatbot for Emergency Audio Navigation
WP2 System development through a user-centric approach
WP5 SafePass LDER Crowd Simulations
WP3 Novel LSA
WP7 Sociotechnical Assessment of Evacuations: Current and Future
WP6 SafePASS Risk Modelling Tool as the backbone of Emergency Response Decision Support System
WP5 SafePASS Core Engine
WP4 SafePASS Augmented reality applications for cruise ships
WP4 SafePASS Indoor localization techniques
Glasgow Plenary Meeting and Workshop 28-30 January
European Commission signs Grant Agreement: Official start of SafePASS - 10/09/2019