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As part of the SafePASS WP5 activities, CS Group develops an advanced situational awareness system, which offers an innovative « Common Operational Picture » (COP). Its components provide an holistic and multidimensional view of the ship and of the ongoing situation. It dramatically enhances the legibility and supports the sensemaking process within a dense and complex indoor environment such as a cruise ship’s. It also supports real-time, adaptive evacuation strategies and improves the safety and security of passengers and crew members alike. These components can be deployed on the bridge, to orchestrate operations, as well as anywhere in the ship to support first responders.


The SafePASS COP is a digital, state-of-the-art system, which relies on a high-availability client-server architecture composed of the following software:

  • the COP Server, based on a MongoDB database, ensures the consistency and the coherence of data displayed by the COP clients. It also manages user and group access, and the timestamping of all data offers the opportunity to replay a session for debriefing.

The communication between the COP Server and the other SafePASS components like the Core Engine and the Crowd Behaviour Analysis, is achieved via message bus communication middleware based on Apache Kafka. An API, developed in Python, will interpret and convert message content formatted in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which is a lightweight data-interchange format based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language into the COP Server format.


  • the 2D/3D COP is an ergonomic and intuitive application adapted to workstations and touchscreen tables for operational command to handle crisis situations from the Safety Centre. This application provides users with a complete and global overview of the situation to facilitate discussion and decision-making. This application allows to navigate on the ship and visualise legacy-system information, in real time, including weather conditions, CCTV streams, sensors states and values, alerts, incidents and, in case of an evacuation, passengers’ location, densities per room, as well as the complete evacuation routes. Finally, this tool makes it possible to detect new incidents and raise an alert at any time, to communicate with field safety crew and to organise and coordinate rescue and ship evacuation.

  • the Holographic COP is an augmented-reality smart-glasses application for field safety crew. This novel and innovative equipment favours user mobility and the exchange of information within the command post. This hands-free application offers the ability to visualise and manipulate the ship, to focus on individual areas and to provide information such as user location, sensor states and values, alerts, evacuation routes or the location of passengers missing at the muster stations. Finally, this application assists first responders with their assigned tasks, allowing them to communicate with the Safety Center, to receive commands and report incidents and pictures.

  • the COP Scenario Editor, based on a CS Group product, is an authoring tool that can be used to automatise behaviors and create scenarios. Such behaviors can be played on the Scenario Editor itself or published on the COP Server to be running in the background. In the SafePASS project, this visual programming application is used to create and manage 2 tasks:

    • the creation of complex and realistic scenarios for training or validation purposes,

    • a network communication plugin ensuring the transfer of information between the COP Server and the Holographic application.

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