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SafePASS Project: A Risk Modelling Tool for Passenger Ship Evacuation and Emergency Response Decision Support

Executive Summary

One of the biggest challenges in the field of maritime safety is the integration of all the systems related to the evacuation and emergency response under one Decision Support Tool that could broadly cover all the emergency cases and assist in the co-ordination of the evacuation process. Besides, for a decision support tool to be useful we need to be able to calculate the Available time to Evacuate based on real-time data, such as the passenger distribution on board and of course based on the various sensor data that will monitor the damage and its propagation. For all the above, the risk modelling tool developed in SafePASS H2020 project is able to estimate the potential fatalities both in the design phase and in real-time, assessing the evacuation and abandonment risk dynamically, based on real-time data related to the passenger distribution, route, semantics, LSA availability, procedural changes, and damage case (fire or flooding) propagation.

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