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Scientific Publications

Reducing ship evacuation time: the case of a rail platform for integrating novel lifeboats on ship architectural structures
Authors: Nikolaos P. Ventikos, Panagiotis Sotiralis, Manolis Annetis, Vasileios C. Podimatas, Evangelos Boulougouris, Fotios Stefanidis, Stefanos Chatzinikolaou and Alessandro Maccari
The Development and Demonstration of an Enhanced Risk Model for the Evacuation Process of Large Passenger Vessels
 Authors: Nikolaos P., Ventikos, Theano I., Zagkliveri, Ioannis, Kopsacheilis, Manolis Annetis, Christos D. Pollalis, Panagiotis Sotiralis

The Implementation of a Smart Lifejacket for Assisting Passengers in the Evacuation of Large Passenger Ships
 Authors: Angelos Stamou, Paul Kuqo,Athanasios Douklias, Markos Antonopoulos, Margarita Kostovasili, Lazaros Karagiannidis and Angelos Amditis

Acceptability & Usability of Location-Support Technologies for Cruise Ship Evacuations
Paul Liston;  Alison Kay;  Emma Delemere; Lazaros Karagiannidis; Margarita Kostovasili; Angelos Amditis; Dimitris Drakoulis; Panagiotis Veltsistas
Implementation of a Smart Lifejacket for Assisting the Evacuation Process on Large Passenger Ships
Authors: Angelos Stamou; Paul Kuqo; Athanasios Douklias; Marcos Antonopoulos; Maria Krommyda; Lazaros Karagiannidis; Angelos Amditis
SafePASS: A new chapter for passenger ship evacuation and marine emergency response
Authors: Fotios Stefanidis, Evangelos Stefanou, Evangelos Boulougouris, Lazaros Karagianndis, Panagiotis Sotiralis, Emmanouil Annetis, Olivier Balet, Panagiotis Veltsistas
AR Crew Rescue Assistant and AR Passenger Assistant Application for emergency scenarios on large passenger ships
Authors: O. Sampson, S. Bolierakis, M. Krommyda, L. Karagianidis and A. Amditis 
SafePASS IMO INF Submission – ANNEX
Authors: Dr. Ahmed, Mujeeb, M.P.; Stefanidis, Fotios 
Exploiting Augmented Reality for improved training and safety scenarios for large passenger ships
SafePASS -Transforming Marine Accident Response
Authors: Boulougouris, Evangelos; Vassalos, Dracos;  Stefanidis, Fotios; Karaseitanidis, Ioannis; Karagiannidis, Lazaros; Admitis, Angelos; Ventikos, Nikolaos; Kanakidis, Dimitris; Petrantonakis, Dimitris; Liston, Paul

A critical review of the evacuation process due to fire or flooding from cruise vessels and large ropax vessels and the future challenges and developments
Auhtors: P. Sotiralis; A. Rammos; L. Trifonopoulos; G. Karaseitanidis; A. Amditis; L. Karagiannidis
Modern Trends in Ship Evacuation
 Authors: Stefanidis, Fotios;  Boulougouris, Evangelos; Vassalos, Dracos

Advancing a Social Licence to Operate for improved evacuation of cruise ships
Authors: Paul Liston;  Alison Kay;  Emma Delemere
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