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SafePASS is an EU funded project under the Horizon2020 Research & Innovation Programme (GA No.815146). SafePASS research area is on the Next Generation of Life-Saving Appliances and Systems for safe and swift evacuation operations on high capacity passenger ships in extreme scenarios and conditions. The project will:

  • Design and develop the next generation of easy-to-use Life Saving Appliances for large capacity passenger vessels

  • Design and develop advanced evacuation support tools

  • Address the safety needs of passengers during complex evacuation processes

The SafePASS Stakeholders Network includes individuals of various professions that are interested in our research outputs. The Stakeholders’ Network will help us in the mapping of the market interest and if you opt in for the Newsletter you will be kept up-to-date with the project's progress. It is free and with no obligations!

 for the SafePASS Stakeholder Network

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