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WP3 – Novel LSA April 22

The development work on LSA (Life Saving Appliances) has continued with the team building on the research complete din the first half of the project and developing prototypes that are being trialled and measured for performance.


Novel PSE (Personal Survival Equipment)

After down selecting a number of the designs, prototype jackets were made of each one and tested in water, with key characteristics measured, and compared to current SOLAS jackets. One design performed exceptionally well, with additional in water testing completed, including the jump test.

The Smart Technology was integrated onto the jacket without affecting the performance, and the jacket trialled very successfully at CdA during the pilot study onboard the vessel.

LSA article 1.png

Novel LSA

The softshell (inflatable LSA) has evolved and matured considerably over the past few months following the feedback form the initial round of model testing, with detail being worked up on a number of areas of the design – propulsion, capacity, automation etc.

The details and benefits of the system are being documented to identify the reduced risk that it brings as well as the cost benefits. The design is being modelled for performance testing in wave basin along with the model for the hardshell LSA – SafeCube.

LSA article 2.png

Entrance Arrangements

The entrance to any building or structure sets the mood for the persons entering it. Therefore, it is important to make the space for evacuating into the LSA onboard a vessel as effective as practical for the passengers during an extremely stressful time evacuating the vessel. The environment is influenced by many factors which include appearance, vessel inclination and ergonomics. All these factors are being reviewed in detail, with testing of the recommended changes in May. The testing will involve members of the general public so that an outsider’s view of the is obtained.


Model Testing

Following on from the model testing completed in the first half of 2021, a second round of testing at MARIN is scheduled to be completed at the end of June. This round of testing will again measure the safety and comfort of the passengers in the LSA, with the models this time incorporating feedback from the first round and the latest concepts of LSA in differing sea conditions.

LSA Article 3.png

Vessel Architecture

The study recently completed on vessel architecture allowed for a rethink on the way ship design is approached and develop new architectures with specific attention to safety, and focussed on the ship layout (space organization, circulation areas, vertical circulation etc.) and the integration of new SafePASS systems.

Systems like the novel Life Saving Appliances (LSA’s), novel Personal Survival Equipment (PSE’s) and smart systems, have an enormous impact on the way the evacuation is approached. The way people move within the ship is affected by the existence of these systems and new ship architectures allow taking full advantage of these changes.

The new layouts that were identified during the completion of the Deliverable offer:

  • Larger circulation areas for passengers,

  • Flexibility in LSA boarding points

  • Increased protection from harsh weather conditions

  • Shorter evacuation times

  • Alternative evacuation routes

LSA article 4.png
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