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Objective 06  
Validate and demonstrate SafePASS developments on industrially relevant environment

SafePASS will follow a multi-disciplinary approach for the validation and demonstration of its offered solutions. The project will make use of appropriate in-house testbeds and towing tanks to test new designs of LSAs. Simulator facilities for flooding and firefighting (provided by the Hellenic Navy - see letter of support in section 4) will be used to take baseline (in the beginning) and verification measurements (at the end) that will enable the assessment of crowd dynamics and will assist in the verification of the various SafePASS subsystems. Finally, the use of an appropriate operational environment will be made feasible through partner CdA, in order to validate the system’s performance in real environment. The goal is to test the system or sub-systems in a shipyard environment, onboard a ship under construction. This validation programme will prove the effectiveness of SafePASS components and overall system.

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