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Objective 04 
Introduce an advanced platform which addresses the safety needs of passengers during complex evacuation processes by identifying, designating and sustaining a Location-based Dynamic Evacuation Route that adapts according to current and evolving circumstances and guides passengers, while facilitating crew coordination.

SafePASS introduces a novel real-time predictive software that takes into account crowd behaviour under evolving circumstances (e.g. flooding and fire propagation) and calculates the optimal evacuation routes at any given location on board. This advanced security platform triggers all available smart devices (screens, speakers, smartphones, jackets and dynamic exit signs) to relay the evacuation alert, but most importantly to activate these devices appropriately so that at any point of time and at any given location, the fastest route to muster stations is illustrated. A 3D Common Operational Picture (COP) and an accompanying holographic mobile COP version will feature a detailed 3D model of the ship where the dynamic evacuation routes and various alerts will be highlighted, providing a detail-rich visualization of the high-level situation and forecasting simulations to safety crew
providing them advanced situational awareness and dispatching capabilities, while a dedicated mobile app, will provide passengers with personalized evacuation guidance.

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