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Objective 02
Design and develop next generation life-saving appliances for large capacity passenger ships

New cost effective LSA concepts incorporating best practices of existing LSA and technologies from other fields (e.g. smart design and ergonomics, wearables, artificial intelligence (AI), haptic actuators) are introduced to assist the safe, secure and efficient operation of the evacuation process. New, compact, easy to use and low maintenance Personal Survival Equipment (PSE) like smart jackets will be designed to offer advanced safety performance and useful guidance, at any condition while interacting with other SafePASS subsystems assisting the evacuation process. Novel lifeboat designs, access arrangements and evacuation passages will be introduced to increase the number of passengers per craft, provide high value internal spacing, offer improved passenger comfort, while achieving safe and fast access, available to all during extreme environmental conditions as will be proven with comparative model tests between novel and conventional life boat designs. Novel ship architectural layouts will be explored to accommodate and increase the efficiency of LSA operations.

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