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SafePASS Functional specifications

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

The purpose of this document is to provide an outline of the required qualities and functionalities of the SafePASS components. The components themselves are treated, to the degree that it is possible, as opaque entities. Each component’s functionalities and specifications are examined separately following the same tem­plate, in order to decompose it to features, characteristics, interfaces, data requirements and other elements that would be critical for the development of the components, as well as their implementation and operation, and to provide a concrete and actionable framework for the development phase of the project. These functionalities serve as the basis for the development of the subsystems and assessment of their performance at the benchmarking tests. The functional requirements are prioritised, based on their criticality and their possible impact on the SafePASS system and its operation, and they are correlated with the User Requirements. Along with the functional specifications, relevant use cases and regulations are depicted, as well as their main features and characteristics.

In parallel, a prioritization process is conducted and each functional requirement is assigned with a priority level (must, should, could), leading to the creation of a Requirements – Specifications Traceability Matrix, where all functional requirements that have been defined, are presented and cross-correlated with the user requirements that had been collected. The traceability matrix clearly demonstrates the priority level for each specification and the components involved to ensure that the system specifications that have been defined are met, as well as the relevant use cases. This matrix will be used for monitoring the development process during the whole process of component development and implementation. In parallel, some general requirements are examined, pertaining to aspects such as legal and ethical, that need to be met by the SafePASS system, referring to relevant regulations that each subsystem and component needs to address. Also, the compliance with data protection and privacy regulation (GDPR) is examined, as well as the social impact and responsibility of SafePASS system and the societal requirements that need to be addressed.

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