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Events and Activities

Validation Scenarios Workshop
11 Jun 2021
An important workshop that was conducted was about the selection of scenarios that would be suitable for the validation of SafePASS system. These scenarios would also serve as the final pilot demonstration scenarios of the project, so the collection of feedback from experts and organizations with significant experience in the cruise ship and maritime safety domain was important. The workshop took place on 11th of June 2021 and it was hosted by NTUA in collaboration with CdA, RCCL and MSRC. The participants were representatives from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the Bahamas Maritime Authority, that are also active members of the SafePASS Advisory Board. During the workshop, the methodology that had been followed for the creation of the scenario matrix was presented, along with the assumptions that had been done, depicting different attributes and parameters related to the conditions under which an emergency/evacuation takes place (type of incident, weather conditions etc.). After a fruitful discussion with the experts that participated, the Advisory Board members provided their perspective regarding the criticality of each scenario, the initial pool of scenarios was shortlisted and the most critical and meaningful scenarios to be tested were selected. The experts provided great feedback and insights about current processes and most demanding conditions that should be studied and they also proposed to the consortium to include a scenario that would combine two incidents at once, as this would be the most challenging case. For each one of the selected scenarios, a short storyline was written, providing all necessary information about the emergency and the conditions that lead to ship evacuation . In the end, five scenarios were defined to be used as validation and pilot demonstration scenarios, covering the most critical types of incidents and conditions.

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