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Events & Activities

8 October 2020
Workshop: System Architecture, Pilot Demonstrations, Legacy Systems, and Evacuation Strategies
As part of the 2nd day of the October plenary meeting, EXUS organized a series of workshops (lead by EXUS, NTUA and CDI)  to address, discuss and work on key areas of activity within the project.
4 Mar 2020
Sustainable and Safe Passenger Ships Conference 
This conference was co-organised by the Hellenic Insitute of Marine Technology and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. Our academic partners from NTUA and MSRC presented their technical papers related on ship evacuation.
2 Mar 2020
Presentation for RINA Scottish Branch
Our academic partner's from the University of Strathclyde presented their research work and made an introductory presentation to the SafePASS project in Badcock International Rosyth Shipyards after an invitation by the Scottish Branch of the Royal Insitution of Naval Architects.
29 Jan 2020
The Stakeholder Requirements, LSA and Community of Practices Workshop
This workshop was dedicated in capturing the feedback from various maritime stakeholders in terms of passenger ship safety and emergency response. Consortium members and external representatives from Flag states, Classification Societies and Cruise Ship Operators participated in an open discussion and helped the consortium focus its research efforts.
28 Jan 2020 
1st Plenary meeting
Held at the beginning of this year at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, United Kingdom)  and hosted by the Maritime Safety Research Centre (MSRC),the 1st Plenary Meeting was organised to be back-to-back with the first workshop of the project, which was held the day after the meeting.
11 Dec 2019
LSA Tank Test Specification
Academic members of the consortium together with the Life-saving Appliances (LSAs) manufacturers met in Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in order to plan the LSA's parameters for model testing.
8 Dec 2019
General Assembly of Greek Cruise Ship Owners  Union
RINA Hellas attended the meeting and disseminated SafePASS project's aim and objectives . 
20 Nov 2019
Members of the SafePASS consortium went onboard The Royal Caribbean Group's cruise ship #JeweloftheSeas to observe the Pre-Departure Safety Training, Guest Evacuation Drill, All Crew Drill for General Emergency and Closing of the Watertight Doors and discuss with the ‘key’ safety personnel.
10-11 Sep 2019
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