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D8.1 SafePASS overall integration plan

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

This document lays out the overall integration plan for the SafePASS system, which is subject to amends and updates in later deliverables. 

At a high-level, the integration plan involves regular integration testing per component that goes in parallel with development. The five major steps are preparation, planning, development, integration testing and completion, after which the cycle starts again.  In the integration timeline, there are three integration cycles, each one followed by testing and validation periods and a final Pilot test at the end of the project.

The hardware and software components that comprise the Integration platform are defined. The software stack includes VMWare products for infrastructure management and Docker for handling components deployed on the platform.

When it comes to the integration implementation, systems of the Core platform such as the Core Engine and Crowd Simulator, they will be deployed in VMs, while smart devices, the mobile applications and dynamic exit signs will be running on dedicated microcontrollers. The two external data sources SafePASS takes advantage of are the SMCS and the Cruise Ship Management System.

A Continuous Integration process takes place to maximize development efficiency and minimize code conflicts. This is facilitated through the use of Jenkins as the CI tool and GitLab as the VCS. Through this process, code with error is not deployed and there is always a stable version of the integrated system on the platform. Development and integration practices are followed in order to allow for successful implementation. All aspects of the integration are monitored and tracked, including tasks, progress of individual components and coding issues. The SafePASS system connects to the legacy systems through a Connectivity layer comprised of a Communication Middleware and Communications adapter. A Simulator service simulates data and functionalities of the legacy system for the purpose of development and testing.

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