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SafePASS regulatory, ethical, and GDPR compliance framework

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

This deliverable reports on the first work conducted in the context of Task 7.2 (Regulatory, ethical and GDPR compliance framework). The scope of T7.2 is to produce a framework to support the SafePASS solutions in meeting their overall regulatory, ethical and GDPR obligations.

The IMO regulatory framework for LSA and ship evacuation with its well-known gaps and restrictions has been carefully considered from the preparation stage of SafePASS project. One of the project’s main objectives is to support the ongoing work in IMO on an enhanced regulatory framework on ship evacuation. However, considering the plethora of new systems proposed in SafePASS, and the strict rules that govern ship design, operation, and maintenance, many issues concerning the integration of the new systems onboard may arise.

In this context, D7.2 starts with a mapping of the relevant, to the project’s scope, specific SOLAS areas and identifies possible challenges and implications. Challenges identified due to the prescriptive nature of FSS Code and LSA Code, which do not match with the SafePASS novel evacuation approach. This is further evidenced in Section 3 where the current compliance options in the context of the AD&A and the ship evacuation analysis frameworks are discussed.

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