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Indoor localisation techniques

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

In this deliverable, various indoor localization techniques and technologies are described, taking into account their accuracy, functionality and applicability in a cruise ship.

Starting from conventional technologies mostly applicable to outdoor environments, the study here extends the research to modern indoor positioning systems which have proven their reliability in similar environments. In this regard, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for smartphones and UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) for lifejacket-boarded devices will only be used in the SafePASS project, and are further analysed here.

The main findings include UWB technology’s high accuracy in indoor environments and its suitability for the SafePASS project where the metal-grass combination is the major parameter to be taken into account, which have been justified by measurement campaigns which have been carried out in similar environments within the project.

Overall, the main issues tackled in the deliverable include general concepts of indoor localization, different indoor localization technologies, UWB technology features, adaptation to the ship environment, utilized UWB equipment, real-time location system, measurements at an industrial test and a commercial mall environment, takeaways and conclusions, as well as previous projects on indoor localization.

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