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Development of Novel LSA lifeboats 

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

Following the completion of the SafePASS Requirements for Future LSA and PSE in D3.2, this allowed the concepts for Novel Lifeboats to start to take shape.

A lifeboat on its own is of no benefit to the passengers onboard a vessel when they are evacuating, unless it is part of a system – boat, hook, davit winch. Therefore, the team have taken the opportunity, through D3.4 to start to look at new and future evacuation systems, that could be alternatives to existing lifeboat systems and MES.

This report covers the development to date of two different styles of Novel Lifeboat, which have evolved out of the development work to date – hardshell and softshell systems.

Through the Design Thinking Process and a number of other tools (SCAMPER, Pugh Matrix), the designs have matured from initial ideals and sketches into coherent concepts, with a number evolving through to initial prototypes.

The initial brainstorming of concepts generated varied and diverse solutions to safely evacuating the vessel ranging from the impractical (freezing the sea around the vessel) to ones that could be possibly converted into a practical solution. The two highest scoring solutions when compared to existing systems, were then parked, as there is unfortunately not the expertise with the Consortium to pursue. The solutions which scored better than existing systems (lifeboat and MES) were:

  • Magic Carpet System;

  • Slide Boat System;

  • Auto locate System.

The Magic Carpet System is loosely based on the work by Celebrity Cruises, part of the consortium member Royal Caribbean Group of companies, and their innovative Edge Class new builds at CdA. The System allows the collection of passengers at various decks on the vessel, reducing muster time and travel time for those with reduced mobility, while also transporting the passengers directly to the LSA or survival craft. The System is also dual purpose as it is utilised as a recreational area – restaurant, lounge during normal service.

It was surprising to see the concept of the Slide Boat System rank so highly, as it is essentially an existing lifeboat design. However, it is known that due to the higher safety standards required for the offshore oil and gas markets, OEMs have invested heavily in the development and design of the free fall lifeboat systems to ensure they are as safe as practical. To integrate a free fall style lifeboat into a vessel structure will require a different approach to the architecture. The benefits of the revised architecture are to be examined in detail in task T3.3.

The introduction of smart technology allows the Auto Locate System to be potentially realised. The technology can assist the crew in deploying and positioning the survival crafts, making them more user friendly during an evacuation. Another key potential benefit of the Auto Locate System is that it can be moved along a deck to the location that will give the most efficient evacuation, avoiding any hazards. At present, LSA is in a fixed position, which means that in case of a fire local to a piece of equipment, this LSA is then lost to the evacuation plan, forcing the crew to re-direct passengers to LSA that has reserve capacity available.

The final development and confirmation of performance of the Novel Lifeboat Systems will be detailed in D3.5, while Novel LSA Development is captured in D3.6 & D3.7.

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