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Report on recommendations on alternative methods of training

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

One of SafePASS project’s primary focus is to make the next generation of life saving appliances for large passenger vessels safer and more efficient. As part of the product development process, training of crew members is a critical aspect, which must be addressed. Not only to update the crew with regard to new products and the products onboard their particular vessel, but to reduce the potential human errors by having the right tools to deliver effective training such that competent and well-trained personnel can ensure appropriate response to emergencies and safe evacuation.

The implementation of technology has been applied to the training environment in order to provide a safe learning environment, along with improving the learning experience, with skill development and knowledge retention as key indicators to the effectiveness of training. The aim is to make training time more valuable and less risky for all persons involved.

This report reviews the current state of training in the marine industry and also identifies possible alternative methods and technologies that will close the identified gaps, by providing training which is engaging more effectively with the trainee.

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