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SafePASS System Architecture

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

The purpose of this document is to describe how each subsystem performs and interacts with other components, as well as to outline the architecture of the SafePASS system. In order to define a detailed system architecture and provide a concrete and actionable framework for the project’s development phase, a breakdown of the whole SafePASS system has been done and each subsystem or component has been examined separately as an individual entity. For each component, relevant use cases are described and different architectural views are analyzed, so as to provide a clear view of its performance and behavior and how it communicates and interacts with other systems and components.

The physical architectural aspect is described for each component, providing information about its installation, configuration and deployment, as well as the logical view, where the functionalities and the relevant service packages for each component are described. The behavior of each component and the sequence of its functionalities and interactions with other components are presented step-by-step and are visualized in a sequence diagram. In parallel, the non-functional requirements that the relevant component need to fulfill are provided in the implementation view, based on the conditions and restrictions that it should operate under. 

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