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SafePASS Mission and Operational KPIs 

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

Funded under the European Union’s Horizon2020 Framework Programme, the aim of SafePASS is to radically redefine the evacuation processes, evacuation systems/equipment and international regulations for passenger ships in all environments, hazards and weather conditions, independently of the demographic factor. SafePASS is targeting the development of an integrated system that will collectively monitor, process and inform during emergencies both crew and passengers of the optimal evacuation routes, coupled with advanced, intuitive and easy to use Life Saving Applications (LSAs), resulting as such to a significant reduction of the total time required for ship evacuation and increased safety.

The current document includes a comprehensive stakeholder analysis that will facilitate the requirements and design phase of SafePASS. It further describes the operations and processes related to emergency, safety and evacuation on cruise ships, as well as the related emergency trainings and drills and types of LSAs used derived by the consortium stakeholders and in particular by the cruise line operator Royal Caribbean Cruises. The operations and processes are analysed with respect to the different phases of an evacuation, the actors involved, and their role. Following a requirements elicitation methodology that is based on a combination of well-known established business innovation and engineering design processes, the mission and operational requirements and their respective KPIs have been derived. Feedback from consortium partners coming from different stakeholder groups, as well as feedback form external stakeholders received during the “Stakeholder Requirements, LSA and Community of Practices Workshop” (Glasgow 29,30 January) have been reflected in the requirements and KPIs reported in this document. These high-level requirements should be taken into account during the definition of personas and scenarios of use, system specification, and design of SafePASS.

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