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D1.2 Updated Project Management Plan

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

This document describes the updated project management procedures that apply to SafePASS. The project management plan is a joint responsibility of all project partners until the complete discharge of all obligations under the EC Grant Agreement in order to guarantee transparency and commitment from all engaged partners and thus facilitate a successful delivery of project results and maximise the impact of SafePASS. The project management plan assures that the project will meet its entire objectives on time, on budget, and with impactful results. The plan presented herein, consists of planned and systematic processes and steps, schedules per task, responsible partner related subtasks, related deliverables, dependencies, Gantt charts and work breakdown structures, project bodies, communication and reporting. The report is based on the initial project management plan (D1.1) submitted in Month 2 of the project that has been updated in order to reflect the adjustments and modifications that were implemented in order to further optimize the project management procedures. This includes updates mainly regarding the project coordination team, the project advisory and stakeholder management, the meetings schedule, the project monitoring process, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the overall management, as well as the risk management procedures, of the project. The updated project management plan is used to monitor the corrective actions employed to verify that agreed procedures are in place and are being adequately implemented.

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