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SafePASS Core Engine Functional Description 

Deliverable Information Table

Executive Summary 

This document lays out the functional description of the SafePASS Core Engine and its three underlying subsystems which carry out all primary functionalities, continuously communicate with other components and monitor all data from internal and external services.

Functionalities of the Core Engine System Management Server (CE-SMS) are the monitoring of SafePASS subsystems, the discovery and registration of management of SafePASS entities, geo-location-based association of smart devices and actuators within the LDER and the maintenance of a software registry that the CE-SMS depends on.

The (Location-Based Dynamic Evacuation Route Component) LDER contains the algorithms required to forecast passenger movement and determine the optimal evacuation routes. Within the LDER, the presentation layer visualizes the crowd simulation network of the ship and the communication layer which receives input and instructs what simulations to be run.

The Complex Event Processor (CEP) is responsible for the real time detection of hazardous events, data storage and providing warnings. Functionalities include rule extraction, data formation of warnings and alerts, date storage queries, data storage and the CEP communication.

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