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Next Generation of Life-Saving Appliances and Systems

for safe and swift evacuation operations on high capacity passenger ships in extreme scenarios and conditions

Using a Touch Phone
SafePASS smart environment element

SafePASS PSE-enabling personalized evacuation route based on mobile smart devices and physiological monitoring.

SafePASS core engine

Its primary mission is to run the crowd simulation (presented next) and calculate in real time the Location-based Dynamic Evacuation Route (LDER) for the entire ship using a Crowd Modelling Server.

Cruise Boat
SafePASS next generation life-saving appliances 

Next generation LSA will be designed and developed to ensure safe mustering and abandonment operations under extreme weather conditions and hazards on-board.


The Project

The SafePASS scope

SafePASS will radically redefine the evacuation processes, evacuation systems/equipment and international regulations for passenger ships in all environments, hazards and weather conditions, independently of the demographic factor, by developing an integrated system that will collectively monitor, process and inform during emergencies both crew and passengers of the optimal evacuation routes, coupled with advanced, intuitive and easy to use LSA, resulting to a significant reduction of the total time required for ship evacuation and increased safety. SafePASS is an integrated solution that provides passengers tailored evacuation assistance, assists the crew by enhancing their situational awareness and ability to handle de-skilled equipment, while incorporating fail-safe processes for the evacuation procedure. SafePASS prototypes will be validated in real environment, on a cruise ship and in LSA manufacturers testbeds and towing tanks. The consortium, consisting of 15 partners, amongst which academic institutions, classification societies, innovative SMEs, shipyard, LSA manufacturers and a cruise operator, safeguards both the high impact and implementation of the project results, through the preparation of a set of recommendations for IMO submission



(September 2019 - August 2022)


Call identifier

Marine Accident Response





National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Nikolaos Uzunoglu

Professor Emeritus

Division of Information Transmission Systems and Material Technology


Tel: +302107723556

Call: +30 210 7723556
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